More new Recycle Swap Shop records set!

Thanks to everyone who helped and attended the Recycle Swap Shop today at Tilling Green Community Centre – with your help we have achieved another outstanding result, setting some new records! Here’s the details:

  • 369 kg of stuff was taken by people, and 70 kg went to charity shops for resale. This is a new record, and also means that 89% of what was brought in will be reused by someone!
  • 40 kg was recycled, and just 16kg went to landfill. So that means only 3% of the total brought to the event ended up in landfill!
  • We had 144 people attend, and about 120 took something away. Over 850 items were taken – another new record!
  • Voluntary donations totalled £73.70, which covers the cost of renting the room, providing refreshments and carrying out publicity.

Since the recycle swap shops started in Oct 2012, 2,150 kg has been reused by people, 548 kg has gone to charity shops and 319 kg has been recycled.

Don’t forget the next events:

  • Sat 31 May, 09:30-12:00 at St Mary’s Centre, Lion St, Rye
  • Sat 26 July, 10:00-12:00 at Tilling Green Centre, Mason Road, Rye (note later start time of 10am!)


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