Recycle Swap Shop breaks through the one tonne barrier!

There was another great Recycle Swap Shop event at the Tilling Green Centre last week, and it has taken our cumulative amount reused by visitors to 1,156kg!

On top of this, a total of 334kg has been taken to charity shops and 156kg recycled. This left just 110kg going to landfill, equivalent to 6.3% (by weight) of the items brought by visitors to the events.

Well done to everyone involved in helping run these events, and also well done to all the great people who have brought and taken items – it would not work without you! We’ll just leave you with a few pictures of past events, and a reminder that the next Recycle Swap Shops are on Sat 5 Oct at St Mary’s Centre in Rye, and Sat 30 Nov back at the Tilling Green Centre.

Recycle Swap Shop March 2013

DSC_4977 Rye Recycle Swap Shop Oct 2012

Recycle Swap Shop March 2013

DSC_5530 Recycle Swap Shop

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