Recycle Swap Shop results – January 2013

We were a bit worried about how it was going to go yesterday, because of the snow, but we went ahead anyway, and cleared a path to the door at St Mary’s Centre, ready for the visitors:
DSC_5531 Recycle Swap Shop

We needn’t have worried though – the crowds soon turned up!
DSC_5532 Recycle Swap Shop

As before we had a table out the front with some free stuff to entice people in, but we had our new banner on it this time!
DSC_5530 Recycle Swap Shop

We had 220 people attend in total – down on the 300 we had in October 2013, but considering the snow and how quiet the High Street was, we think that was pretty good. What’s more impressive is that despite having slightly fewer people, we actually shifted more stuff than last time! Here’s the approximate numbers for comparison:

[table] ,Jan 2013,Oct 2012
People attended,220,300
People who took something,100,150
Total number of items taken,400,330
Total weight taken,192kg,164kg
Total weight to charity shops,90kg,75kg
Total weight recycled,51kg,35kg
Total weight left over as waste,22kg,25kg

So well done to everyone who brought and took things, and for making donations – we had a total of just over £57, which is just about enough to cover the costs of running a future recycle swap shop. And thanks to all the helpers from St Mary’s Ecology and Transition Rye! Also, thanks to Neighbourhood Enablers for helping with the funding on the first two events – this means we now have a little bit of cash saved up to keep funding recycle swap shops into the future.

Don’t forget we have two more recycle swap shops lined up already:

  • Sat 9 March at Tilling Green Centre, Rye
  • Sat 4 May at St Mary’s Centre, Lion St, Rye

Look forward to seeing you there!

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