Rye Recycle Swap Shop results – May 2013

We had another successful Recycle Swap Shop this morning! People are really getting the hang of it now, we had much less ‘rubbish’ left over at the end, hardly any mains electricals turned up, and there was a steady stream of people bringing and taking through the morning. It got busy really quickly, as you can see from these photos which were taken at 10am:

DSC_6431 Rye Recycle Swap Shop May 2013DSC_6435 Rye Recycle Swap Shop May 2013DSC_6437 Rye Recycle Swap Shop May 2013

A fortunate few shared out this brilliant collection of toy tractors, and some other notable items came and went, including a fold-up cot, an acoustic guitar, several items of small furniture and plenty of toys, games, books, CDs and clothes.

DSC_6445 Rye Recycle Swap Shop May 2013It was of course all carefully weighed on the way out…

DSC_6442 Rye Recycle Swap Shop May 2013So, here’s the results (compared to previous events at St Mary’s Centre):
[table] ,May 2013,Jan 2013,Oct 2012
People attended,330,220,300
People who took something,150,100,150
Total number of items taken,590,400,330
Total weight taken,252kg,192kg,164kg
Total weight to charity shops,15kg,90kg,75kg
Total weight recycled,20kg,51kg,35kg
Total weight left over as waste,15kg,22kg,25kg

So that’s 88% of what came in through the door was taken away by someone, and only 5% had to go to landfill, the remainder going to charity shops or recycling. Well done to everyone who came, especially those helping make the morning such a success!

Don’t forget we have two more recycle swap shops lined up already:

  • Sat 13 July at Tilling Green Centre, Rye (see the write-up of the last one here)
  • Sat 5 Oct at St Mary’s Centre, Lion St, Rye

Look forward to seeing you there!

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