Tilling Green Recycle Swap Shop success!

Well, our first swap shop at the Tilling Green Community Centre was a big success! We took a different approach on marketing for this one, delivering leaflets to all the houses at Tilling Green in addition to posters/leaflets in various places round town, and of course the online media and local newspaper. It certainly worked, with the place having a buzz right from the start – here’s a few pics from through the day:
Recycle Swap Shop March 2013

Recycle Swap Shop March 2013

Recycle Swap Shop March 2013

We had about 200 people attend in total, and shifted a record amount of stuff! By weight, 84% of what was brought was taken away by visitors or went to charity shops, 8% was recycled and 8% was non-recyclable waste. Here’s the approximate numbers, and those from the January event for comparison:

[table] ,Mar 2013,Jan 2013
People attended,200,220
People who took something,160,100
Total number of items taken,700,400
Total weight taken,298kg,192kg
Total weight to charity shops,116kg,90kg
Total weight recycled,39kg,51kg
Total weight left over as waste,37kg,22kg

So thank you to everyone who brought and took things, and for making donations – we had a total of £86, which is enough to cover the costs of running a future recycle swap shop at Tilling Green. And thanks to all the helpers from Tilling Green Residents Association, St Mary’s Ecology and Transition Rye! Also, thanks to Neighbourhood Enablers for helping with the funding on this event – this means we now have some cash saved up to keep funding recycle swap shops into the future.

Don’t forget we have two more recycle swap shops lined up already. The plan at present is to run one every two months, alternating between St Mary’s Centre and the Tilling Green Community Centre:

  • Sat 4 May at St Mary’s Centre, Lion St, Rye
  • Sat 13 July at Tilling Green Community Centre, Rye

Look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. I really enjoyed the morning at the swap shop, it’s a great buzz bringing things and taking other things without exchanging money. Walking around every 10 mins or so there were always new items coming onto the tables, I got some great things and am really pleased! Great idea, thanks to you all.

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