Transition Rye 2013 Plans… and Seeking Your Project Nominations!

2013 Plans

Take a look at Transition Rye 2013 Plans for an overview of our goals for the year ahead. Which brings us neatly to…

New Projects for 2013 – Your Ideas Please!

We’ve made a conscious decision to focus on live projects in 2013, rather than a lot of conceptual stuff about Transition. We have two already – Green Drinks and Swap Shop – which we’ll continue into 2013. The question for you is, what else should we do? We’ve decided that we will back a small number of additional projects to start up in 2013, and we’re inviting you to submit nominations. Here’s how to do it:

Send an email to by Friday 15 February, with the following:

– Name and brief description (max 3 lines) of project.

– What is the benefit of the project – and specifically, why does this contribute to making Rye a more resilient low-carbon community?

– What would you propose to do on this project in 2013? (say 2-3 paragraphs)

– What resources are needed (people, money, anything else), and what resources can you provide or obtain?

We are looking for project nominations with sufficient resources already found to get them started, and including a plan to obtain the additional resources required. Projects which can become self-funding will be particularly attractive. Please don’t submit a project simply because you think it’s a good idea, but for an anonymous “somebody else” to do!

If you find this challenging, but you have a project idea, please get in touch and we can discuss how you might go about this. We can arrange for your idea to be shared around the Distribution list if you want to seek support. The Steering Group has a wide range of contacts and knowhow which could help you access the resources you need. There’s also lots of good material on which may help you choose projects and start to plan. But we will need to “help you to help yourself” rather than taking over your idea and resourcing it for you.

We will have a Steering Group meeting at the end of February and announce the chosen projects shortly afterwards.

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